he that hath a trade – hath an estate.” — Ben Franklin

About Gary Anderson:

Gary Anderson has 40+ years of experience in many diverse areas of the electrical industry, with expertise ranging from high voltage electrical distribution to motor control systems – including motion and positioning control, and programmable control systems used with CNC’s and robotics.

He has written the book series, “Practical Guides for the Industrial Technician”; a three book series focusing on essential elements for those working as an electronics or electrical technician.  He has also written a five book series on “PLC Programming Using RSLogix 500”; which covers all the basic concepts of ladder logic programming; as well as more advanced topics on analog scaling, PID control loops, and program flow.

Gary’s latest book, the Studio 5000 Logix Designer Learning Guide for ControlLogix,  has been created for those transitioning from traditional PLC platforms, to the more powerful PAC / ControlLogix architecture.  It should become a staple reference book for those currently working or interested in beginning a career in industrial automation.

Gary graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Career and Technical Education; and continues to work within the aviation/transportation industry.

What Matters to Me:

I have a special interest in promoting professional attitudes in the workplace; and specifically with those involved in skilled trades, such as industrial electronics, CNC repair, and automation.  The attitudes of those working in technical fields influence many practical realities found in manufacturing environments; things that we all benefit from - such as networks that work, machinery and process controls that are thoughtfully engineered, well implemented lean manufacturing initiatives, and safe working environments.

I believe in life-long learning; and hope, by writing instructional books that focus on technical learning and skill development, to make a positive contribution to others who may choose a career as an industrial technician.