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Studio 5000 Logix Designer:  A Learning Guide for ControlLogix Basics

This book is a revision of my earlier book on RS Logix 5000 programming and concepts.  Additional areas covered include the creation and use of Add-On Instructions, User-Defined Data Types, the inclusion of Hands-On Exercises or labs, and improved illustrations and programming examples.  Once again,  I believe this book is important to anyone wanting  to achieve proficiency and mastery of the essential skills used in building and troubleshooting ControlLogix projects.

Illustrated Topics Included

  • Understanding Project Organization & Structure
  • Project Development
  • Relationship of Tasks, Programs and Routines
  • Configuration of Modules
  • Configuring RTS and RPI settings
  • Acquiring and installing Firmware revisions
  • Understanding "Scope" as it applies to tag-based addressing
  • Tag types, Data types, and User-defined data types
  • How and when to create "Alias" tags
  • Creating and Using "Producer" and "Consumer" tags
  • How to configure controllers to be a producer or consumer
  • Buffering or mapping I/O signals
  • Using Parameters to buffer I/O
  • Creating Add-On Instructions
  • Creating and using arrays
  • Fault-finding & Recovery
  • User-Defined Fault Routines

This book contains numerous examples of using Studio 5000 instructions relating to different topics.  It has been written specifically to help those of you who may be familiar with legacy PLC logic programming, but needing to gain greater proficiency in the use of Studio 5000 techniques and concepts.