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RSLogix 5000 - ControlLogix Basics:

Teaches the essential concepts and skills needed for using RSLogix 5000 programming software to build a ControlLogix project.  It has been written specifically to help those already familiar with PLC logic programming, but who are transitioning into more powerful PAC control systems.  It addresses key elements of PAC project structure and program development; in logical steps that help you become proficient when installing and working with ControlLogix or CompactLogix applications.


"RSLogix 5000 - Understanding ControlLogix Basics, is an excellent book presenting the fundamentals of the ControlLogix PLC platform.  Whether you are an entry level engineer or have past PLC-5 or SLC 500 experience, this book does a great job presenting the features of the Logix 5000 family.  Numerous programming software screen shots found throughout the book serve to enhance the written text.  This is a must read for a technician or engineer working with Logix 5000 PLC's."

Rich Raso
Control Technology International